This is what some of our patients say about Juergens Chiropractic:

“The entire staff at Juergens Chiropractic help make my experience in the clinic a pleasant one every time. Dr. Juergens explains exactly what she is going to do before she does it and why it needs to be done, which makes her a trustworthy health care provider.

I am comfortable asking her questions about my health and various procedures, as she is also incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. From the pleasant greeting at the front desk to the treatment, I feel more like I have been to a spa instead of a doctor when I leave her office!

The drive from the city to Arlington Heights is worth knowing that I will be very well taken care of at Juergens Chiropractic.”

Kelly D., Chicago, IL

“Professional, friendly, and courteous. Juergens Chiropractic is more like a family than your doctor and I hope that she never closes.”

Shirlie O., Wheeling, IL

“I had never been to a chiropractor before, however after listening to doctors tell me that the pain in my neck and shoulders was attributable to arthritis and I would have to live with it for the rest of life, I was ready to try anything.

Dr. Juergens was very informative and indicated that she thought she could help so I began treatment. Within a very short period of time I was able to move my neck to positions I hadn't moved it into for years and I was pain free.

In addition to being free of neck pain, Dr. Juergens helped me regain full use of my left arm, which I had been unable to raise for 20 years as a result of surgery I had experienced, which damaged my shoulder.

What a great feeling to able to move about without pain!!”

Bill K., Arlington Heights, IL

“As a professional violinist, it is vitally important to be at my best. I need to play in tune and I need to feel in tune with my body.

When I first came to see Dr. Juergens, it was an emergency — tons of pain and lots of performances to get through. As I have always been nervous around doctors, I walked in with my anxiety level extremely high.

The whole aura of Juergens Chiropractic put me at ease immediately. I didn't think it was possible to feel better so soon.

Dr. Juergens not only was able to alleviate my symptoms, but also insisted on letting me know what was at the root cause of my discomfort.

I'm feeling “fit as a fiddle” now!

Thanks! ”

Jennifer V., Arlington Heights, IL

“For several years, I would be bothered by tennis elbow. It was so debilitating. The pain was in my dominant arm making everyday chores a challenge.

From a friend, I learned of a Doctor David Clark who specialized in joint pain. I made an appointment to see Doctor Clark. After one treatment, the pain in my arm and elbow was gone. It was a miracle!!!!

I was treated by Doctor Clark for this pain 3 years ago and still remain free of elbow joint pain. When I have ANY discomfort in other areas of my body, my first thought is to see Doctor Clark.

Another plus from receiving regular treatments from Doctor Clark is that I seldom need to take any pills to relieve pain. From taking pain relievers in my past, I developed stomach and intestinal pains. I learned this was a side effect of taking these medications. I haven't taken any pain pills since seeing Doctor Clark. Those stomach and intestinal pains disappeared and I'm saving a lot of money from not having to buy all those pills.

Thank you Doctor Clark.”

Robert, Arlington Heights, IL

“I was referred to Dr. Juergens from another chiropractor and this was the best referral. I went to see Dr. Juergens for knee pain in both knees.

There were days when I had pain in both knees walking up and down the stairs. Those days are long gone; I have seen tremendous improvement from the treatments I received.

Dr. Juergens and her staff are warm, compassionate and really care about their patients. She is also instrumental in my decision to explore returning to school to become a chiropractor after spending 15 years in “corporate” America. ”

Eileen, Arlington Heights, IL

“I had endured some degree of back discomfort for decades, but now I found myself doubled up in excruciating pain. I discovered Dr. Juergens quite by accident. I was in a desperate state and the “Juergens Chiropractic” sign was the first I ran into.

The first thing I said is “I am extremely leery about seeing a chiropractor, but as you can tell, I am desperate and exhausted from being the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Dr. Juergens explained that there are many different treatment methods and assured me she could help. Again, I was skeptical, but Dr. Juergens’ approach was reassuring. She presented options, explained things in terms I could easily understand, was patient with my questions and had a very engaging personality.

The results were immediate! I actually walked out of her office with an erect posture and within a few weeks was able to eliminate my pain completely.

I continued to see Dr. Juergens for a few months in an effort to reverse some of the damage I had done to my back over the years. During that time I had developed the ultimate trust in her. Her good work had put me back (no pun intended) on the volleyball court, full throttle. Unfortunately, I then encountered a new problem … my knee! I loved volleyball, didn’t want to accept that I was aging and wasn’t ready to stop playing. Dr. Juergens suggested that she perform acupuncture. Based on my back success, I was intrigued to try it. Although I can’t explain the science behind it, her gentle treatment alleviated my pain!

In my line of work I have come to recognize and appreciate great customer experiences. Juergens Chiropractic provides unparalleled experiences everyday. Following that first visit, I have encountered about twenty friends and neighbors (including my wife who I referred) who have also visited Dr. Juergens. The verdict is the same from all—she is amazing!

You will find that Dr. Juergens has an extensive knowledge on alternate care and is committed to staying on top of the latest research and proven techniques.

Dr. Juergens, you are the best”

Dick, Arlington Heights, IL

“Dr. Juergens is a phenomenal physician who truly cares about your well-being. Even though I am usually in pain when I have to go see Dr. Juergens, visits are always pleasant.

She does an excellent job of explaining everything she does to and for me, and is comfortable with any questions I have for her. I cannot recommend her enough.”

John, Palatine, IL

“The day our family met Juergens Chiropractic team is the day we discovered what it’s like to have our back and necks free of pain!

Through it all—major house renovations, building and tearing down concrete walks, building retaining walls, moving our son off or on campus, my husband’s ice hockey, our daughter’s violin playing, karate, computer work—we remain pain-free for the first time in our 28 years of marriage.

The added bonus is that these compassionate, skilled and fun individuals have become dear family friends.

Finally we are enjoying the wellness we had been missing.

Thank you Juergens Chiropractic!

Julia H., Kildeer, IL

“Dr. Juergens:
It is hard to summarize how much you have helped have truly saved my life!!

God bless,”


“I drive by at least six chiropractors to get to Juergens Chiropractic. I have tried others, but Dr. Juergens is special. She is the only one that can make the pain go away.

I have tried epidurals, pain pills, therapy and was about to undergo surgery. Thank goodness I found Juergens Chiropractic in time!”

Ken, Chicago, IL


“Chiropractic care is my fountain of youth. At 54 years old, people remark that I look decades younger. I found that regular chiropractic care is the key to health and wellness. I visit Dr. Juergens once a month to maintain my body’s alignment. If I begin to feel ill, I immediately call for an appointment to help me on my way to recovery. It works every time!

I have been seeing chiropractors for many years, and Dr. Juergens is one of the best chiropractic physicians I have ever met.

Thank You, Doctor Juergens !!!”

Elizabeth, Geneva, IL


“ Doctor David Clark is a great addition to Juergens Chiropractic. He brings to the clinic a variety of chiropractic techniques. For about twenty years I had trouble with my upper back, specifically my upper thoracic vertebrae.

I'm a registered nurse so I'm familiar with anatomy and physiology of the human body. I had difficulty swallowing and gastric reflux. Since I've been going to Dr. Clark, my swallowing is back to normal and my gastric reflux is gone. I'm entirely off the medicine of which I've been on for years. It wasn't just a fluke either.

I've been off of medicine for months now. I used to take medicine daily. It just amazes me that I had these conditions for 20 plus years, yet I was able to be helped. Dr. Clark is a very caring doctor and explains my questions with great knowledge. I appreciate this since I'm in the medical field. ”

Beth, Arlington Heights , IL


I had dislocated my shoulder 6 years ago and after medical treatment I still continued to have migrating discomfort and numbness in my shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers.

Doctor Clark was able to find the source of the problem and with a simple manipulation was able to correct this. I also have some trouble with my knees and Dr. Clark was able to correct this.

Several of my relatives have had total knee replacement and I feel with regular supervision and regular chiropractic care I will evade this procedure. It is all so common sense. Keep things in alignment and prevent problems such as bone on bone contact of joints causing arthritis. Dr. Clark does a great job of keeping me in tip top condition.

I feel great!!!

Ruby, Palatine , IL


I was having a great senior year in high school playing football. I was the teams top tackler. During one of the practices, I severely injured my ankle. I was taken to the emergency room for x-rays and examine.

The x-ray showed no broken bones but a severe injury to the soft tissue, tendons and ligaments. I was referred to the physical therapist. He told me that my football days were over. No way was I going to accept this so I thought I'd get a second opinion.

I took my x-rays and showed them to our family chiropractor. The chiropractor confirmed that I did have a bad injury and some of the ankle bones were out of alignment but not broken. The chiropractor gently aligned my ankle and started me on his clinic's physical therapy program.

He told me about icing the injury and put me in a walking cast. For 8 continuous days I came to the chiropractor for therapy. Each day I saw improvement and within ten days I was back playing football and l regained my top tackler position plus I went on to play college football.

The injury that my medical doctor and physical therapist said was so severe turned out not to be so.

What was causing my discomfort was just a few slightly misaligned bones. I feel without my chiropractors helped I would have remained crippled for a very long time and probably would have developed arthritis in this ankle from bones rubbing together.

Doctor Clark continues to keep me in proper alignment and I still enjoy playing all types of ball !!!!!!!!!!!

Pete, Buffalo Grove , IL


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